Rare - cool, red center.
Medium Rare - warm, red center.
Medium - hot, pink center.
Medium Well - slight hint of pink center.
Well - dark, dry center.

We serve only genuine Black Angus beef, choice or better, and aged 28 days or more. Our steaks are often favorably compared to steak houses charging well over twice the price.

All steaks come with the Bread Bar included and your choice of
2 side shots or upgrade to premium shots for .99 each.
Add onions, peppers and mushrooms for only 2.00.
Add 4 golden fried shrimp for only 2.99.
Filet Mignon
Our most tender cut of beef, bacon wrapped. 

SINGLE BARREL - One 6 oz Steak -  20.99
DOUBLE BARREL - Two 6oz Steaks -  31.99

Rib Eye
Well marbled, juicy and delicious.

THE MAGNUM - 24oz- 33.99
THE TOMBSTONE- 16oz- 24.99
THE PEACEMAKER- 12 oz- 19.99

New York Strip
Slightly firmer than the ribeye and seasoned just right.

THE COLT- 14oz- 19.99
THE DERRINGER- 10oz- 15.99

Aged Sirloin
Our firmest cut of meat, aged to perfection.

THE WINCHESTER- 12oz- 16.99
THE HENRY- 8oz- 12.99

**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, may increase your risk of foodborne illness.**

All BBQ comes with a side of your choice of sauce - Mojo Mild, Hoochie Coochie Hot, or Greg's Spicy
Served with 2 side shots or upgrade to premium shots for .99 each.  Bread Bar included.

Smoked Ribs
St.Louis: BBQ rub, no sauce. OR
Kansas City: double basted with BBQ sauce.
Whole rack - 19.99 OR 1/2 Rack - 14.99

1/2 Rack Combo
1/2 rack ribs with 1 choice: BBQ Pork,
Sliced Beef, or Brisket (sliced or chopped) - 19.99

BBQ Combo
Choose 2: BBQ Pork, Sliced Beef,
Brisket (sliced or chopped) - 16.99

Jumbo Wings
Chicken wings, smoked and battered your
choice of Hot, Sweet and Sour, BBQ or Plain - 10.99
BBQ Plate
Your choice of BBQ Pork, Sliced Beef,
Chopped Brisket or Sliced Brisket - 13.99